Profile - Noteworthy Facts About ASDA



ASDA considers its Security Force as its biggest asset. We are one of the largest guard service provider in the southern part of the Philippines. We are constantly growing and expanding our services. Our plan is to methodically expand security services across the Archipelago. We believe that a security personnel with high morale delivers efficient service.

To get into ASDA Security Force, you will be interviewed and be lineup for employment. We have a job and a career for you here as one of the most respected security services. Our men and ladies love our company because we are a caring, humane, honest management team of professionals. Many of them have been with our company for a time. Some became lawyers, engineers and police officers.

ASDA Security Agency offers excellent benefits for the security guards, officers and office employees. Thus, the company makes sure that its security force receives all the benefits that are due them and timely.

 ASDA security personnel receive the following benefits:




  •    Our Security Force are covered by:
      » Social Security System (SSS)
      » Philhealth
      » Retirement
      » Pag-ibig.
  •     13th month pay.


AMBA (ASDA Mutual Benefits Association) Benefits:


  • Death benefits of PHP 13, 000.00 with a contribution of only PHP40.00 a month.AFPSLAI Insurance of 20,000 in case of death.
  • AMBA contribution is refundable upon resignation/separation from the service.Calamity aid of PHP2,000.00
  • Loan of PHP 3,000.00 – PHP 5,000.00 depending on Officers/ Guards Salary Bracket.


ASDA CARE CARD ( a Health Care Program )
some benefits¦


  •    Free Access to Low-Cost Medicines

  •      Dental Check-up

  •     Children Medical Check-up

      At ASDA Security we believe in being fair and honest. Our officers pay is based on the percentage that our clients pay. All security firms determine security guard wages this way. While some clients pay high rates to obtain the best officers and reduce turnover, other clients pay average billing rates. We start our officers at competitive rates and then advance those that are exceptional and deliver higher wages with additional responsibility.

      Compared to other security agencies, ASDA pays its guards on time, even before the company bills its clients, or clients are unable to settle their accounts.




ASDA has a complement of 480 units of GENUINE firearms as follows:


202  38 caliber revolver (Armscor, Squires Bingham brands)
239  12 gauge shotgun (Armscor. Akkar, Norinco brands)
15  .22 caliber LRifle (Squires Bingham brands)
12  9mm cal. Norinco Tokarev m213
9  9mm cal. Norinco NZ75
3  9mm cal. Norinco NP34


Base Radio with
Repeater Equipment
     2    Alinco  
     8     Olympus
     2    MR300       1     Smith-Corona
Portable Radio:  Rechargeable Halogen Flash Light
     15    Alinco       50   Imarflex
     15    YAESU   
     30  Kenwood  Printers:
     40  Motorolla GP68       6     680 series HP Deskjet
     50  Motorolla Talk About       4     Canon Bublejet
        4     HP Dot Matrix
Cellphones:  Fax Machines:
     60 Nokia (various models)        2     Panasonic
Metal Detectors:   PABX Telephone System:
     35 Ranger       1     Panasonic
Megaphones:       40   Underchasis Mirror
     10  Samsung       17   Filing Cabinet
Watchman's Clock:       1     Photocopier MINOLTA
     12  Computers with servers:
Digital Projector:       10    Pentium IV 1 ghz
     2 Units Pentax Optio S30       5     Celeron 300mhz
Digital Projector:       1     Unit 4dR5 "FUSO" Pumpboat
     1 SHARP       1     Unit 16hp Pumpboat
Aircondition Unit:  Video Camera:
     12 Various Types
     (Courier, Koppel, LG)
      3 Sony Handycam




MOBILITY - The Agency has a total of 16 various types of vehicles (composed of 4-wheel vehicles TOYOTA, ISUZUSO, and motorcycles )




ASSET - ASDA School of Security Education and Training ( conducts an in-house training for its security guards once every two months, conducted by our very own in-house trainers, namely:

The training program consists of the following modules:

SGs Orientation - includes Customer Relations- CASH (Customer Assistance Satisfactory Handling, First Aid); Bomb Prevention and Detection Emergency Disaster Preparedness
SGs Refresher Course - includes (CASH, Gun safety & Marksmanship as per clients requests);
Some of the guards undergo special training on:
Workshops/ Seminars - BOMB THREATS, Business Executive Protection & Surveillance,
Fire Prevention and Control, Life Saving, ISPS Code
(International Ship and Port Facility Security Code)

ASDA conducts on-the-site trainings for proper handling, storage and maintenance of firearms.

Activities (Steps) for a Comprehensive Security Program
The Transition Process

We view the Transition Process as a crucial element in providing security. Whether transitioning from one company to another or starting at square one, we work with you from the beginning to ensure a smooth and professional transition.

When our services are engaged the first thing we do is build a transition team. We build that team around a member of our excellent Detachment Manager Staff, selecting the Detachment Manager that has the best knowledge and skills for your industry and your organization. Our DM will meet with your organization to clarify exact details of your security plan. The DM will walk your site; take digital photographs of key locations, items, and personnel (with your permission). Equipped with this information the DM will develop your security team and a set of custom post orders for your location.

With a clear skill set having been identified, the Personnel Department will begin locating primary and secondary officers, security personnel whose skill sets match the requirements on your account. Those officers and Sg will then be pre-trained on your account, along with our Rover and Field Supervision Teams. Before we begin service on your site all Officers, Sg cleared to work your site will be trained on the specific needs and requirements of your location.

Upon assuming responsibility for security duties at your location, our Detachment Manager & Supervisors will be on hand to ensure everything goes smoothly and according to plan.

Some of the steps to wit;

1. Security Survey of Client’s Facilities
- Mapping of the Clients facilities and surrounding areas
- Review of certain facility setups
- Review of policies in relation to the security requirements of
Client - Assess requirements for security force

2. Recruitment, Screening and Hiring of Security Personnel
- Applicants in complete uniform are required to submit the pre-screening documents
- Applicants are required to fill up a Personal Information Data Sheet and must pass the following requirements:
i. Attained a certain level of college education
ii. Not more than thirty-five (35) years old
iii. At least 5’6” - in height for male, 5’3” - for female
- Qualified applicants are interviewed to determine attitude, etc.
- Qualified applicants who pass the interview are required to take the neuro-psychiatric, psychometric examinations

- Applicants who pass all of the above requirements are sent to the hiring officer of client for final interview

3. Posting of Security Personnel

- Client approved applicants undergo orientation of Client facilities and other security requirements

- Hired guards are issued Duty Detail Orders

4. Inspection

- Spot inspections is done at least once a week to ensure proper implementation of Clients’s security policies and procedures and ASDA’s decorum requirements.

5. Periodic Evaluation/Updates

- ASDA officers and staff conducts visits periodically to inquire on changes, further requirements of Client.

- ASDA requests Clients to evaluate performance of security personnel and management - ASDA Operations Submission of Monthly report to clients.




ASDA has a complement of over a hundred plus (l00+) clients. Some of these clients are:

Aboitiz companies/Villages/Residences/Properties:

Tsuneishi Heavy Industries
Acoland MEPZ II
Aboitiz Construction Group – Metaphil Division
K & A Metal Industries
Acoland Molave Subdivision
Acoland Mahogany Subdivision
Mehitabel, Inc.
Jon Ramon Aboitiz Residence
Roberto E. Aboitiz Residence

GAISANO Group of Companies

LUDO & LUYM Properties
Buena Hills Subdivision

Cebu International School
Sunshine Center School
Holy Cross Academy
Science High School
Mater Dei College, Bohol

Sacred Heart Parish Church
Capitol Parish Church
Ramon Aboitiz Foundation
Cebu Caritas

Global Foods Cebu Corporation
SAWO Philippines
FUTURA Corporation
Kane Package
Ina Micro Philippines

Resorts & Spa’s/Clubs:
Cebu Country Club
Alona Tropical, Panglao, Bohol
Alona Palm Beach, Panglao, Bohol
Alona Kew, Panglao, Bohol
Bohol Sea Resort
Water Paradise Resort

Taiheiyo Cement (former Grand Cement Manufacturing Corporation)
SIG – Southern Industrial Gases Corp.
Keppel Mitsui Phil. Engineering

Government :
Carcar Water District
Dept. of Education – Tagbilaran, Bohol
Department of Budget

Save’n Earn Store Chain
Shoppers’ Mart, Inc.
Pacifica Barato Main Office -Agrivet Supply

Villages/Residents/ Properties:
Beverly Hills Subdivision
Villa del Rio II Subdivision
North Town Homes Residences

Constructions/ Real Estate Developers/ Consultancy Firms
KIMWA Construction
CYL Trading
DASH Engineering